Last updated on 25th September 2018


ANSS AC 1 of 2018 - Dissemination of Safety Critical Information
2017 ANSS AC 1 of 2017 - Procedures to follow in case of Air Ground Radio Communication Failure and guidelines for Air Traffic Service provider to apply such procedures in the provision of ATS.
ANSS 2 of 2017 - Development and implementation of training programme by service provider responsible for air traffic services for its ATS staff including records of trained ATS staff.
ANSS AC 3 of 2017 - Guidelines to CNS service provider for job descriptions and maintenance of training records for its technical staff
ANSS AC 04 of 2017 - Guidelines for Air Navigation Service Provider for determining the capacity of the ATS system including airport acceptance rate, number of staff required
ANSS AC 05 of 2017 - Guidelines to Meteorological Service Provider for developing Training programme, job description and maintenance of training records of its technical staff.