Subject : Grant of approval to Foreign Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

4th May, 1998


After the advent open sky policy, a number of new types of aircraft have been imported into India for which adequate-manpower in terms of licenced aircraft engineers on the type of aircraft are not available in the country. To tide over this shortage of the personnel and till such time that the qualified personnel are available with the operators, some operators employ foreign engineers. These engineers require approval by DGCA to certify Indian registered aircraft and perform duties assigned to him. These approvals are granted by DGCA after satisfying that the foreign engineers meet the necessary qualifications, skill, experience and security requirements. This AAC describes the procedure for grant of approvals to foreign AMES.



Operators seeking approval to utilise the services of foreign AMES, are required to fulfill the following minimum requirements.

2.1 Foreign Engineers should be sponsored by the Indian operator for grant of approval.

2.2 The engineer should possess a valid AME licence conforming to ICAO standards or a basic licence and company approval (under FAR/JAR 145) on the type of aircraft issued by the competent authority.

2.3 The engineer should have atleast one year working experience on the maintenance after the endorsement of aircraft type on his AME licence / Company approval out of which atleast three months should be recent experience on the type in the preceding twelve months.

2.4 The engineer should be well conversant with the approved maintenance system of the Indian operator as given in the operator's Quality Control Manual. In this regard the Quality Control Manager should provide necessary briefing and training to the foreign engineer and give a certificate stating that the engineer has been trained and is well conversant with the approved maintenance system. The engineer should also be made familiar with the operator's Organisation structure, engineering management and the duties and responsibilities assigned to him.

2.5 The. engineer seeking approval on radio system, should additionally be well conversant with the Indian air traffic control procedures for carrying out functional check of VHF and HF radio systems. Otherwise a person holding valid RTR licence should assist him.

2.6 The engineer should be fully aware of the contents of the schedules, which are required to be certified by him. In case the engineer is not conversant with the English language, the schedules should also be prepared in a language in which he is conversant. Accordingly, the aircraft maintenance manual should also be available in that language.

2.7 If the foreign engineer is required to certify major maintenance of aircraft, he should produce documentary evidence of his experience covering the major maintenance of the type of aircraft. However, it is desirable that the engineer has at least a working knowledge of English.


2.8 The operators should ensure the validity of visa and passport of the foreign engineer at all times during the period of approval.


2.9 The operator should ensure that the medical examination of the AME has been carried out and is valid during the period of working in India.

2.10 The operator should ensure that the necessary security clearance for the foreign engineer has been duly obtained before seeking approval.

2.11 The AME should be examined by a Board under AIC 17/94.


3. Procedure for Security Clearance of Foreign AMEs

The operators seeking approval of foreign engineers should apply to DGCA Hdqrs for security clearance in the proforma given in Appendix 1.

In accordance with instructions of the Ministry of Home Affairs issued vide OM No. 25022/61/86-F.I dated 26th May, 1986, security clearance is not required in the following cases:

(a) Foreign technicians and experts coming to India for a period less than three months, in pursuance of a collaboration agreement between foreign and Indian firms, provided the agreement has been approved by Government of India.

(b) Nationals of Nepal and Bhutan.

(c) Officials and employees of UN and its specialised agencies.


4. Procedure of Examination under AIC 17 of 1994.

4.1 After receipt of security clearance of the foreign engineer, the DGCA Hqrs intimates the operator to approach regional/sub-regional airworthiness office for examination of their foreign engineer under AIC 17/94 for grant of approval. The examination will be conducted at Regional/SubRegional office by a board constituted by DAW/CAW of the regional/ subregional airworthiness office with the association of representative of DGCA Hqrs.

The board should ensure the following:

a. All relevant documents including qualifications, recency of experience, licence endorsements/ approvals held and medical and their validity are available.

b. The engineer has good knowledge of the operator's maintenance system manual, company policies and procedures and his knowledge of the aircraft/engine/systems in general.

c. The engineer should be specifically examined on the special features unique to the aircraft operated by the firm.

d. If required, the engineer may be subjected to practical test on the type of aircraft to assess his knowledge on the inspection schedules, snag rectification, replacement of components, etc. required to be certified by him.

e. The familiarity of the engineer with the engineering management structure, quality control procedure, log-book certification, MEL, snag rectification, dispatch procedures etc. may be assessed.

f. The capability of the engineer to understand and communicate in the English language many also be examined.

g. The engineer may also be examined with regard to any additional items related to the job.

4.2 On successful examination, Regional/Sub-regional Airworthiness office may issue the approval to the engineer under sub-rule 7 of Rule 61of the Aircraft Rules, 1937, for a maximum period of one year. The approval is granted subject to the condition that he continues to be in the employment of the sponsoring Organisation, his licence remains current and he is medically fit to exercise the privileges of the approval. A copy of the format of approval is at Appendix II.

4.3 During the period of approval the QCM shall monitor the work performed by the foreign AME and ensure that proper inspection and certification is carried out by the AME.

5. Renewal of Approval.

5.1 For renewal of the approval beyond a period of one year, the engineer is required pass paper I of AME licence examination conducted by CEO. Approvals of foreign AMEs shall not be renewed after a period of one year if then do not p-ass this paper. The QCM should forward the applications for such examination to CEO well in time, along with a certificate of experience.

5.2 For renewal of approval the recency of experience of three months in the preceding twelve months shall be ensured.

5.3 The AME should continue to hold valid visa and passport.

5.4 The AME should submit a medical certificate as required for AME licence renewal.


(R. P. Sahi)

Director of Airworthiness