Air Safety Circular No. 2 of 1989

AV. 15011/1/87-AS 13th January, 1989.

Subject:-Emergency Response Procedures for Transport of Radioactive materials.

  Radioactive materials are required to be transported from one place to another. The packages in which radioactive materials are transported are designed to withstand all routine and foreseeable accident condition of transport. However, in view of the need for developing action plans for an emergency involving radioactive consignments, the Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India appointed an Inter-Ministerial Working Group ( consisting of representatives of the Department of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Surface Transport, Railway Board and the Department of Atomic Energy) for preparation of emergency procedures. The working group has approved the document entitled ' Emergency Response Procedure for Transport of Radioactive Materials". The portions of the documents which are relevant to emergency during transportation of radio-active material by air are enclosed.

All airlines (scheduled/non-scheduled) operating in India and all airport management authorities should ensure that all their concerned officials are made fully familiar of the emergency response procedure enclosed. 



Deputy Director General.

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 Action Plans for an Emergency involving Radioactive Consignments

This enclosure is divided into three parts. Part 1 provides a general explanation of the role of each concerned party who may have a role to play in an emergency involving radioactive consignments. Part 2 indicates the action plans for each type of shipment relevant to your organisation identifying the concerned responding person. Part 3 specifies the action plans appropriate to the shipments.

Part 1 Persons involved to the action plans :

1.3.1 Introduction :

The response action plan will depend upon the nature of the shipment. The different radioactive shipments are grouped as those associated with nuclear fuel cycle and others. In the following discussions, consignor means the officer-in-charge at the origin of the shipment and identified as such in the transport documents. In all events, since the consigner knows about the actual departure of the shipment, he is required to be notified by the persons at the accident site. The consigner's address is inscribed on the package as is given in the transport documents too. Depending upon the location of the accident site, the consigner himself may despatch a rescue team, if one is required to be sent or may request the consignee (that is, the officer-in-charge at the intended destination of the shipment) and/or the Head, DRP, BARC, Bombay-400 085 to despatch the rescue team to the accident site.

1.3.2 Action Plans :

The Action Plans prescribed in this document are assigned to the following agencies identified as responding persons (R.P.) :

R.P. 1 : Persons accompanying the shipment :

They include the crew of the vehicle carrying the radioactive material and the escort personnel, where such personnel are deputed to accompany the shipment. They should take the initial action.

R.P. 2 : Person on the scene :

This person may represent Police or other local authorities at the site of accident. If the persons accompanying the shipment are disabled, then police or other local authorities who would be called to the site of accident would need guidelines. These guidelines are inscribed on the ' TERMCARD' which is carried in the vehicle transporting the radioactive consignment.

R.P. 3 : Consigner :

Immediately upon receipt of intimation regarding the accident, the consignor should, in consultation with the officer-in-charge of the local health physics unit/person-in-charge of radiological safety at the consignor's organisation, take the measures prescribed in the action plan given in this document.

R.P. 4 : Rescue Team :

The measures prescribed in the action plans should be taken by the rescue team, if such a team is despatched to the accident site. These measures are to be taken by the R.P. 4, if R.P. 1 are not in a position to take these measures.

R.P. 5 : The Airport Manager :

The Airport Manager of the concerned Indian airport would be activated into response action, if an emergency involving a radioactive consignment arises in the airport.

R.P. 6 : The Port Trust Manager :

The manager of the concerned Indian seaport would be activated into response action, if an emergency involving a radioactive consignment arises in the harbour. The action plans are serially numbered as AP-1, AP-2 etc and provided at the end of the document. In some instances, the

action plan is based entirely on the "TREMCARD" carried in the vehicle. These are the action plans for R.P.2. The tremcard instructions are also provided at the end of the document. The tremcards are numbered serially as TRC-1, TRC-2 etc.

Chapter IV

Part 2 Emergency during transport of radioactive materials through India

Section 1 :

Action Plans for Airport Managers of Indian Airports

Action Plan :

In an emergency involving a shipment originating in a foreign country bound for a foreign country which is in transit in an Indian Airport, the Airport Manager should implement the procedures specified in action plan AP-6.

Action Plan : AP-6

Part 3

If the package is received in an Indian Airport in a damaged condition or is damaged upon arrival or during storage or is involved in an accident, the following measures should be taken by the Airport Manager:

- Rescue the injured, if the package was involved in an accident.

- Fight fire if any.

- Cordon off a space of 3 m around the package.

- Inform the consignor and the consignee (address may be obtained from the transport documents or on the packages) requesting the consigner to arrange to collect the package immediately.

- Inform Head, DRP,BARC,Bombay-400 085

 (Telephone : 5511917, telegram: HEAD DRP BARC Bombay, CHEMBUR) regarding the incident, seeking his advice and act accordingly.

- If the labels on the package are defaced or if the address of the consignor/consignee cannot be obtained, inform Head, DRP, BARC, Bombay-400085 regarding the incident, seek his advice and act accordingly.

- In no case should be package be auctioned or otherwise disposed of without obtaining specific clearance from Head, DRP, BARC, Bombay-400085.