Subject:   Flight crew duty  station -- Occupancy of designated cockpit seats.


          The Operations Manual of the Airlines/ other aircraft operators stipulates the occupancy of the designated cockpit seats by the authorized pilots. In normal circumstances, the Pilot-in-Command who is authorized as Pilot-flying is required to occupy the designated left hand seat in the cockpit.  The co-pilot who is Pilot-non-flying is required to occupy the designated right hand seat in the cockpit.  However, at times of command training the Pilot-in-Command who is authorized by the DGCA to perform  as an Examiner/ Instructor/ Check-pilot can occupy the right hand seat in the cockpit with the trainee in the left seat. 


2.                  In a recent fatal aircraft accident, the Court of Inquiry investigating the said accident had observed that the authorized commander was occupying the right hand seat and the co-pilot was occupying the designated left hand seat for the commander.  The above action is not only a violation of the stipulated requirements as contained in the Operations Manual of the Airlines and other Operators, with regard to crew duty station, but also constitutes a serious safety hazard in aircraft flight operations.


3.                  In the light of above, all Airlines and other Operators should bring to the notice of their flight crew the above findings of the Court of Inquiry  , and reiterating for strict compliance the contents of the  Operations Manual regarding occupancy of crew duty station at all times in flight.  The Airlines  should  also ensure through adequate inflight surveillance and monitoring of individual channel wise recording of CVR that the flight crew occupies their designated seats at cockpit crew duty stations.  Any deviation from the stipulated conditions by their flight crew with regard to their occupancy of seats at cockpit duty station, should be viewed seriously by the Airlines/Operators and deterrent action taken in all such cases under intimation to the office of DGCA.



(K. Gohain)

Dy. Director General of Civil Aviation

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