( F.No. AV. 15026/5/93-AS )

  Sub : Disabled aircraft removal plan.

  A disabled aircraft on or adjacent to the movement area is a serious problem resulting in high costs to operators because of diversions, interruption of operations, and the consequent loss of revenues to the airport. The problem of removal of a disabled aircraft has become increasingly serious as the volume of operations has increased and as heavier aircraft have been introduced into service. Whereas it is economically impossible to store all the equipment necessary for the removal of disabled aircraft, it has been generally agreed that the most feasible approach to the problem is for the airport authority to prepare a plan for each airport, in consultation with operators, for the removal of a disabled aircraft and to make arrangements with other agencies for the pooling of specialised equipment required. To overcome the problem, the major airlines have already made arrangements so as to make specialised equipment available on short notice on a world-wide basis and the kits have been strategically placed around the world.

The responsibility of removing a disabled aircraft lies with the operator concerned who will bear all costs incurred in the removal operation. The airport authority is, however, required to establish a pre-arranged plan in agreement with the operators and other assisting agencies for expeditious removal of disabled aircraft. Such plan should ensure that any further damage to the aircraft during its removal is avoided as far as possible. The disabled aircraft removal plan should take into consideration the important aspect of preservation of evidence for the purpose of investigation and removal action should therefore be undertaken in coordination with the investigating authority.

The airport authority will coordinate the operation to ensure that the removal of disabled aircraft is properly and expeditiously executed. The operator will designate a person with sufficient knowledge and experience to assist the coordinator in removing the disabled aircraft speedily consistent with safety to the personnel concerned and with avoidance of further damage to the aircraft. Airlines pooling arrangements and assistance available from other agencies should be clearly detailed in the plan.

  Airport authorities are required to prepare the disabled aircraft removal plans for the airport under their jurisdiction and forward a copy each of such plans to DGCA. All operators should include necessary information on this subject in their Operations Manual and the concerned officials should be made aware of their responsibility in this regard.

  ( V.K. CHANDNA )

Director Air Safety

for Director General of Civil Aviation


All Operators