CAR Section 7, Series C, Part - I

Medical requirements and Examinations for Flight Crew Licences

Class - II Medical Examiners

List of Class - II Medical Examiners

AIC 5/2007 Disposal Post Abdominal Surgery Cases

AIC 4/2007

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma (COPD)
AIC 3/2007 Diabetes Mellitus

AIC - 4/1995

Periodic Stress test and Biochemical Profiles of flight crew

AIC - 28/1999

Disposal of cases of ISCHAEMIC HEART DISEASE.

AIC -1/1987

Medical Examination for Issue and Renewal of Flight Crew Licences (Stands Cancelled with the issue of CAR Section 7, Series C, Part I )

Circular No. 1/2000

Flight Crew Licencing

Last Updated : 11 December, 2007