Updated: November 12, 2018

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93. Requirement of a licence for air traffic services personnel

94. Provision of Air Traffic Services at an aerodrome

95. Licensing Authority

96. Omitted

97. Requirement of rating and unit endorsement

98. Rating Training Manual

99. Fees and other charges

100. Minimum educational qualification for holding a licence

101. Minimum age for holding a licence

102. Maximum age limit for holding licence or rating

103. Medical standards

104. Period of validity of licences and medical fitness assessment

105.  Licence not valid without valid medical fitness assessment

106.  Decrease in medical fitness

107. Maintenance of validity of ratings and endorsements

108. Licence holder’s obligation to notify change of unit

109. Disqualification from holding or obtaining a licence

110. Renewal of expired licence or rating

111. Proof of competency

112. Tests, assessment and examination

113. Use of radio call signs of air traffic services units

114.  Approved training organization

115. Record of experience and logging of on-watch period

116. Watch duty time limitations

117. Aeronautical station operator

118. Validation of foreign licences

118A. Omitted

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