Updated: November 17, 2017

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4. Use and operation of aircraft

5. Registration and nationality and registration marks

5A. Prohibited flight

6. Licensing of personnel

6A. Type of aircraft to be included in rating

6B. Flights to qualify for extension of a licence

6C. Flights for testing and other non-revenue specific special purposes.

7. Documents to be carried in aircraft

7A. Prohibition of carriage of persons without passport

7B. Carriage of cock-pit check list in aircraft

8.   Carriage of arms, ammunition, explosives, military stores, etc.

8A. Deleted

9. Radio-telegraph apparatus

10. Mails

11. Aerodromes

12. Prohibited areas

13. Photographs at aerodromes or from aircraft in flight

13A. Carriage of photographic apparatus in aircraft (cancelled by G.S.R. 401(E) Dated 14th June, 2005)

14. Aerial work and public transport reserved for certain aircraft

15. Conditions to be complied with by aircraft in flight

15A. Operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System

16. Rules of the Air

17. Production of licences, etc

18. Prevention of flights in contravention of the rules

19. Cancellation, suspension or endorsement of licence and certificates

19A. Restrictions on licence, certificate, authorisation or approval

20. Applicability of certain rules to gliders and kites


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