Updated: November 12, 2018

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21. Dangerous flying

21A. General Safety

21B. Aircraft in distress

22. Assault and other acts of interference against a crew member

23. Assault and other acts endangering safety or jeopardizing good order and discipline

24. Prohibition of intoxicated persons entering aircraft

24A. Carriage of persons suffering from mental disorders or epilepsy in aircraft

24B. Carriage of prisioners in aircraft

24C. Carriage of animals, birds and reptiles in aircraft

25. Smoking in aircraft

25A. Fuelling of aircraft

25B. Housing of aircraft

26. Dropping of articles and desents by parachutes

27. Carriage of persons in unauthorized part of aircraft

28. Minimum age for sole control of aircraft

28A. Maximum age limit for professional pilots amended by GSR 660(E) dated 5.9.2008

29. Acts likely to imperil safety of aircraft

29A. Prohibition of operating civil aircraft causing sonic boom

29B.Prohibition on the use of portable electronic devices

29C.Adoption of the Convention and Annexes

29D. Safety Management Systems

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