Updated: July 26, 2017

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38. Licensing authority

38A. Carriage of operating crew

38B. Carriage of a cabin crew 

39. Deleted

39A. Disqualification from holding or obtaining a licence

39B. Medical standards

39C. Period of validity of medical fitness and Licences

40. Signature of Licence holder

41. Proof of competency

41A. Checks, test and examinations

41B. Approved Training Organisation

42. Licences and their renewal

42A. Fatigue Management of Flight Crew and Cabin Crew Members

43. Deleted

44. Aircraft not registered in India

45. Validation of foreign licences

46. Deleted

47. Minimum age for holding a licence

47A. Minimum educational qualification for holding a licence

48. Fees and other charges  

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