Statistical Division of the Director General of Civil Aviation is responsible  for maintaining civil aviation traffic  statistics.  This Division collects data pertaining to Civil Aviation from various sources viz.  Air India, Indian Airlines, Private Operators, Foreign Airlines and various airports   managed by Airports Authority of India.   The data thus collected are    compiled and are then published annually in a publication entitled " India Air Transport Statistics."

            The main objective of this publication is to provide a clear picture of the performance of air traffic in India and to study trends thereof.  It gives detailed information regarding   air transport industry in the country.  The present publication contains information for the financial year 2001-02 and in certain aspects, historical information for the past ten years. This publication includes traffic statistics in respect of scheduled and non-scheduled air services of domestic as well  as foreign carriers;  detailed  information  on  fleet  strength, aircraft utilization,  staff  strength, financial results of Air India, Indian Airlines and Airport statistics for both international and   domestic airports.    Further, it includes statistics in respect of international traffic to/from India to various countries, domestic traffic carried by scheduled,  non-scheduled and air  taxi  operators  and  traffic  carried  on tourist charter flights and flights operated under Open Sky Policy for all-cargo  services. Some graphic charts are also given along with the tables. The data on passengers, freight & mail in  this publication relates to revenue traffic only.


   The  publication  has  been  divided  into  eight  parts,   namely:  -


    Part I        Indian Airlines

   Part II       Air India

   Part III      Scheduled Domestic Airlines other than Air India and Indian Airlines

   Part IV      Total Traffic Statistics of Scheduled Indian Carriers    

   Part V       Airport Statistics

   Part VI      Non-Scheduled Traffic carried by Private Operators & Scheduled Operators

   Part VII     Scheduled International Operations

   Part VIII    Tourist Charter Operations & Cargo   Statistics under Open Sky Policy



            It  is  expected that this publication will be useful for   planning and research work in the field  of  civil  aviation  and  will also meet the needs of business and air transport community.  All efforts have been made to improve upon the presentation and contents of the publication.  However, any suggestion given for further improvement of   the   publication   will   be   highly   appreciated.



(Satendra Singh)
Director General of Civil Aviation

Place  : New Delhi
Dated :