1.  Requirements for issuing licence.— An applicant for  a Student Air Traffic Controller’s Licence shall satisfy the following requirements, namely:–


(a) Age.– He shall not be less than twenty years of age on the date of application.

(b) Education qualification.– He shall have passed a degree in Science with Physics and Mathematics or an equivalent examination, from a recognized University or shall hold a valid Indian Commercial Pilot’s Licence.


(c) Medical fitness.– He shall hold a valid medical fitness assessment issued by the Director-General as referred to in rule 103.  


(d) Knowledge.– He shall have demonstrated the required level of knowledge by passing a written examination in the following subjects, namely:–              

(i)      Air law.–The provisions of the Aircraft Rules, 1937, civil aviation requirements and any other circulars or instructions relevant to the air traffic control;

(ii)      Air traffic control equipment.– Principles, use and limitations of equipment used in air traffic control;

(iii)     General knowledge.– Principles of flight, principles of operation and functioning of aircraft, engines and systems, aircraft performances relevant to air traffic control;

(iv)     Human performance.– Human performance relevant to air traffic control including principles of threat and error management;

(v)     Meteorology.– Aeronautical meteorology, use and appreciation of meteorological documentation and information, origin and characteristic of weather phenomena affecting flight operations and safety, altimetry;

(vi)     Navigation.– Principles of air navigation, principles, limitation and accuracy of navigation systems and visual aids; and

(vii)    Operational procedures.– Air traffic control, communication, radio-telephony and phraseology procedure (routine, non-routine and emergency), use of relevant aeronautical documentation, safety practices associated with flight.


(e)   Experience.–  He shall have successfully completed an approved training course from an approved training organization and pass the relevant examination, and also completed an approved course of initial training in the rating or discipline relating to any of the rating from an approved organization.


2. Validity.– The licence shall be valid for the period specified in rule 104 and shall lapse on the holder acquiring an Air Traffic Controller’s Licence. 


3. Renewal.— The licence may be renewed for a period not exceeding three years from the date of fresh medical examination as specified in clause (c) of paragraph 1.

4. Privileges. — Subject to the validity of licence, the holder of a Student Air Traffic Controller’s Licence may perform duty as an air traffic controller in a particular air traffic service unit in order to complete the requirement of on-the-job-training for the purpose of qualifying for endorsement of such rating on his licence:

Provided that he shall perform duty —

(i) at all times under the direct supervision of an authorised instructor rated on that air traffic service unit;

(ii) in an air traffic control unit for which he has successfully completed an approved training course.


[Inserted by GSR No 64(E) dated 3-2-2012; and

Amended by GSR 1089(E) dated 05-11-2018]