1.      Requirements for issuing licence. An applicant for an Air Traffic Controller’s Licence shall satisfy the following requirements, namely:–


(a)  Age. He shall not be less than twenty one years of age on the date of application.

(b)  Educational qualification. He shall have passed a degree in Science or an equivalent examination with Physics and Mathematics, from a recognized University, or shall hold a valid Indian Commercial Pilot’s Licence.


(c)  Medical fitness. He shall hold a valid medical fitness assessment issued by the Director-General as referred to in rule 103.


(d) Knowledge. (i) He shall  hold a valid Student Air Traffic Controller’s Licence.


(ii) He shall have passed the examination for obtaining at least one rating for a particular air traffic services unit as specified in Sections D, E, F, G, H, I and J of this Schedule.        


(e)  Experience. He shall have undergone on-the-job training under an authorised instructor for the specified period in respect of the unit or units desired to be endorsed on the licence and shall have been assessed as successful by an examiner or board for the said unit or units.      

2.   Validity. The licence shall be valid for a period as specified in rule 104.

3.   Renewal. The licence shall be renewed for a period specified in rule 104 subject to the applicant holding a valid medical fitness assessment and at least one valid rating.

4.   Privileges.   Subject to the validity of licence, the holder of an Air Traffic Controller’s Licence may perform duty as an air traffic controller in any air traffic services unit which is included in his licence as rating.



[Inserted by GSR No 64(E) dated 3-2-2012]