1.  Requirements for issuing rating.– An applicant for an Oceanic Control Rating shall satisfy the following requirements, namely:


    (a)    Knowledge.– He shall be the holder of an Air Traffic Controller’s Licence or a Student Air Traffic Controller’s Licence and shall have demonstrated a level of knowledge by passing the examination at least in the following subjects for an Oceanic Control Unit in the area of his responsibility at a particular place, namely:


(i)                    Airspace structure

(ii)                  Applicable rules, procedures and source of information

(iii)                Air navigation facilities

(iv)                Air traffic control equipment and its use

(v)                  Principles, uses and limitations of surveillance systems if any and associated equipment

(vi)                Terrain and prominent land marks

(vii)              Characteristics of air traffic and traffic flow

(viii)            Weather phenomena

(ix)                Emergency and search and rescue plans

(x)                  Any other subject considered appropriate for the particular place.


    (b)    Experience.– He shall produce a certificate of his having


(i)       satisfactorily completed an oceanic control training course;


(ii)     undergone on-the-job training under the supervision of an instructor or authorised Air Traffic Controller for a period of not less than three months during which at least one hundred and eighty hours of training has been completed, at the unit for which the rating is sought:


Provided that the Director-General may reduce the period of on-the-job-training, subject to the conditions specified in this regard, for an air traffic controller holding or having held an Oceanic Control Rating for any other air traffic services unit. 


     (c)   Skill.–The applicant shall have been assessed successful in respect of his skill, judgement and performance to provide a safe, orderly and expeditious air traffic control service in the Oceanic Control Centre and the assessment has to be conducted as soon as possible after the completion of on-the-job training requirement, but in any case not later than three months therefrom.


     2.    Validity.  The rating shall become invalid when an air traffic controller has not exercised the privileges of the rating for a period exceeding six months.


   3.  Revalidation. A rating shall be revalidated as provided in rule 110.


   4.  Privileges. (a) The privileges of the holder shall be to provide or to supervise the provision of Oceanic Control Service within the airspace jurisdiction of Oceanic Control or portion thereof for which the licence holder is rated.


(b) Before exercising the privileges, the licence holder shall be familiar with all pertinent and current information.


[Inserted by GSR No 64(E) dated 3-2-2012]