Section B

Student Pilot’s Licence

(Aeroplanes /Helicopters/Gliders/Light sport aircraft/ Gyroplanes)


1. Requirements for issue of licence — An applicant for a student Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplanes/Helicopters/ Gliders/Light sport aircraft/ Gyroplanes)  shall satisfy the following requirements: ­


                     (a) Age— The applicant shall be not less than sixteen years of age on the date of application.

                     (b) Educational Qualification— He shall have passed Class Ten or its equivalent examination from a recognised Board.

                     (c) Medical fitness — He shall produce on a prescribed proforma a certificate of physical fitness from an approved medical practitioner after undergoing a medical examination, during which he shall have established his medical fitness on the basis of compliance with the requirements as notified by the Director-General under Rule 39 B.

                     (d) Knowledge — He shall pass oral examination in Air Regulations, Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology and Aircraft and Engines as per the syllabus prescribed by the Director-General unless he previously held a pilot’s licence of a higher category, or is able to produce evidence in the manner prescribed by the Director-General that he is well-versed with the aforesaid subjects.


2. Validity — The licence shall be valid for a period as specified in Rule 39C.


3. Renewal— The licence may be renewed for a period not exceeding twelve months from the date of fresh medical examination as specified in para 1(C) subject to the total validity of the licence not exceeding twenty four months from the date of issue.


4. Aircraft Rating— The licence shall indicate the class and the types of aeroplanes or helicopters or gliders the holder is entitled to fly. Only those types of aircraft may be entered in the licence in respect of which the candidate has passed the examination in Aircraft and Engines mentioned in para 1(d).


5. Privileges— Subject to the validity of aircraft ratings in the licence and compliance with the relevant provisions of Rules 39B, 39C and 42, the privileges of the holder of a Student Pilot’s Licence shall be to fly within Indian territory only, as Pilot-in-Command of any aeroplane, helicopter, glider or light sport aircraft or gyroplane entered in the aircraft rating of his licence :


Provided that :­


(a) he shall fly at all times under the authority and supervision of a Flight Instructor or an Approved Examiner;

(b) he shall fly under Visual Flight Rules only ;

(c) he shall not carry passengers, animals and goods or fly for hire, reward or remuneration of any kind;

(d) he shall not undertake cross-country flights unless he has a minimum of ten hours of solo flight time and has passed the examinations in Air Navigation and Aviation Meteorology.


Note — The Student Pilot’s Licence shall be issued by a Flying Club/Government Flying Training School specifically authorised in this regard and subject to the conditions as laid down by the Director-General.


[Amended by GSR No 721(E) dated 23-6-2017]