Section U
Student navigator’s Licence

1. Requirements for issue of licence — An applicant for a Student Navigator’s Licence shall satisfy the following requirements—

                        (a) Age— He shall be not less than twenty years of age on the date of application;

                        (b) Educational Qualification— He shall have passed class ten plus two with Physics and Mathematics or its equivalent examination from a recognised Board/University.

                        (c) Medical Fitness— He shall produce on a prescribed proforma a certificate of physical fitness from an approved Medical Board after undergoing a medical examination, during which he shall have established his medical fitness on the basis of compliance with the requirements as notified by the Director-General under Rule 39B.

                        (d) Knowledge— He shall pass a written examination with oral and practical tests in Air Regulations, Air Navigation, Flight Navigation, Instruments, Radio/Radar Aids, Astronomical Navigation and Aviation Meteorology; and Signals (Practical) test for interpretation of aural and visual signals in accordance with the syllabus as prescribed by the Director-General.


 2. Validity — The licence shall be valid for a period as specified in Rule 39C.


3. Renewal— The licence may be renewed on receipt of satisfactory evidence of the applicant having undergone a medical examination in accordance with clause ( c) of paragraph 1 and subject to satisfactory exercise of privileges.


4. Privileges— Subject to compliance with the relevant provisions of Rule 39B, Rule 39C and Rule 42 of Aircraft Rules, 1937, the privileges of the holder of a Student Navigator’s Licence shall be to act as a Navigator on any flight, where a Flight Navigator is required to be carried in accordance with Rule 38 A provided that he shall so act at all times under the direct supervision of a licensed Flight Navigator and solely for the purposes of gaining practical experience in navigation to qualify for a Flight Navigator’s Licence.