Section V


Flight Navigator’s Licence

1. Requirements for issue of licence— An applicant for a Flight Navigator’s Licence shall satisfy the following requirements :­

                        (a) Age— He shall be not less than twenty-one years of age on the date of application;

                        (b) Educational Qualification— He shall have passed class ten plus two with Physics and Mathematics or its equivalent examination from a recognised Board/University.

                        (c) Medical Fitness— He shall produce on a prescribed proforma a certificate of physical fitness from an approved Medical Board after undergoing a medical examination, during which he shall have established his medical fitness on the basis of compliance with the requirements as notified by the Director-General under Rule 39B.

                        (d) Knowledge— He shall pass a written examination with oral and practical tests in Air Regulations, Air Navigation, Flight Navigation, Instruments, Radio/Radar Aids, Astronomical Navigation and Aviation Meteorology; and Signals (Practical) test for interpretation of aural and visual signals in accordance with the syllabus as prescribed by the Director-General.

                        (e) Experience— (i) The applicant shall have completed in the performance of the duties of a flight navigator not less than two hundred hours of flight time acceptable to the Director-General, in aircraft engaged in cross-country flights, including not less than thirty hours by night;

                        (ii) When the applicant has completed as a pilot not less than two hundred hours of flight time acceptable to the Director-General, such experience to the extent of one hundred hours cross-country flight time shall be considered as experience for the purpose of sub-clause (i);


(iii) The applicant shall produce evidence of having satisfactorily determined the aircraft’s position in flight, and used that information to navigate the aircraft, as follows:­

(a) by night — not less than twenty five hours by celestial obser­vations; and


(b) by day —  not less than twenty five hours by celestial observations in conjunction with self-contained or external referenced navigation systems.


(f) Skill— The applicant shall have demonstrated in flight by day and by night within a period of six months immediately preceding the date of application, the ability to perform as flight navigator of an aircraft with a degree of competency appropriate to privileges of a flight navigator during which he should have shown­


the exercise of good judgement and airmanship;


application of aeronautical knowledge;


performed all duties as part of an integrated crew; and


communicated effectively with other flight crew members.


2. Validity — The licence shall be valid for a period as specified in Rule 39C.


3. Renewal— The licence may be renewed on receipt of satisfactory evidence of the applicant—


(a) having undergone a medical examination in accordance with clause (c) of paragraph 1;


(b) having completed as a Flight Navigator not less than twenty hours of flight time during which he shall have navigated an aircraft by the use of dead reckoning, radio bearings and such other aids as are available to him in navigating an aircraft within a period of twelve months immediately preceding the date of application for renewal, or in lieu thereof having satisfactorily completed the tests as laid down in clause (f) of paragraph 1 within the same period.


4. Privileges— Subject to compliance with the relevant provisions of Rule 39B, Rule 39C and Rule 42 of Aircraft Rules, 1937, the privileges of the holder of a Flight Navigator’s Licence shall be to act as a Flight Navigator on any flight where a Flight Navigator is required to be carried in accordance with Rule 38A.