State Safety Programme - INDIA

India Safety Policy            

National Aviation Safety Plan (2018-2022)

Annual Safety Review (2017)

Making India safer

Safety management systems (SMS) help organisations identify safety risks before they become bigger problems. Civil Aviation Requirements require the aviation industry to put safety management systems in place as an extra layer of protection to help save lives.

What is State Safety Programme (SSP)? 

An integrated set of regulations and activities aimed at improving safety.  (Reference ICAO Doc 9859)  

What is SMS?

A systematic approach to managing safety, including the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures.   (Reference ICAO Doc 9859)

Where are we?

ICAO Annex 19 - Safety Management - Rule 29D of Aircraft Rules 1937 and CAR Section 1 Series C Part I - Establishment of a Safety Management System (SMS)