Civil Aviation Requirements (Section 2 - Airworthiness) Series 'A' Part I puts onus of responsibility for observing the airworthiness standards as spelt out in the Aircraft Rules, 1937, CARs, manufacturer's requirements etc. on the part of the organisations engaged in aviation activities. Ensuring adherence to these standards/ requirements by the said organisations is also the responsibility of the Regional/ Sub-regional offices and this can be achieved by planning surveillance inspections. Surveillance inspections shall be carried in such a manner that the entire gamut of activities carried out by the organisations in accordance with the approval granted to them by DGCA, are properly covered and weak areas identified and proper corrective measures taken to strengthen such areas.

Directorate of Airworthiness has prepared various surveillance check lists and has published these check lists as a hand book which will provide guidance to departmental officers in carrying out surveillance inspections on aircraft, maintenance & manufacturing organisations, fuel vendor etc. These check lists may also be made available to the operators which will help them in carrying out their own in-house audits.

Suggestion for revision/ amendments to surveillance checklist for enhancing its effectiveness may be forwarded to the Directorate of Airworthiness (Headquarters).